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Seed of Life

Style: Psychedelic, Casual and Festival Clothing
Location: Israel

At www.psytshirt.com, we market our brand, SOL – Seed Of Life, which
features psychedelic and festival clothing. In addition to providing
unique t-shirts and accessories at affordable prices, we focus on helping
psy-passionate people dress according to their beliefs. Each of our
products maintains a unique design and all of them are high quality silk
screen printed and have UV Reactive Colors


“Unique, original screen-printed psychedelic designs on clothing and
accessories. We offer a unique range of alternative daywear with
psychedelic themes, such as t-shirts, tank tops, micro-fiber vests,
hoodies, tops, tunic dresses, sack bags, side bags, messenger bags, monk
bags, and cushion covers. Our products come in a variety of design themes
– Mexica, OctiDot, Peyote, Sikuli – and all have UV reactive colors”

Check out the Blog of SOL!


Fractalic Design

Style : Psytrance, Fractal
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : USA
As the name might suggest, Fractalic Design are all about, well, fractals ! Their t-shirts are printed with utmost attention to detail and quality using a rather unique process called “old fashioned know-how”. That is to say they don’t use modern machines in their production process. Each tshirt is individually hand crafted to ensure that their product is flawless and carries the exact fractal design they envisioned from the beginning.



Style : Psytrance, Hippie,Festival

Range : Mens, Womens, Kids
Location : Australia
Twizzlez is the work of a single designer, Gem, from South Australia. Her handmade creations have an artsy/crafts feel to them which is probably why you can find a lot of her products on the popular Etsy craft website. If you are looking for something fun, colorful, comfortable and absolutely unique then Twizzlez might be for you. She can also customize each design to your exact liking which is something many other stores can not offer. A real labor of love, I wish her much success with her psychedelic clothing online.


Shaman Electro

Style : Psytrance, Futuristic, Techno

Range : Mens
Location : HungaryShaman electro is a group of international designers located in various countries who work together to produce decidedly psychedelic tribal wear that is unique and long lasting. Their tshirts are quite impressive – especially the Buddha DMT design one. The pick of their mens range would have to be their excellent tribal hoodies which look really awesome. And their 2013 womens collections looks likely to be a real step up in quality and should be a big hit this year.


Psy Wear 604

Style : Psytrance

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : USA / GermanyNow here is a company that is all about psychedelic clothing. They target the psytrance market as their main customer base. I like the good old 604 reference in the company name too. Reminds me of the old 604 mailing list that used to be full of heated debate back in day. Fractals, sacred geometry, aliens, shivas, aums and more are on offer in either UV or standard prints. There are about 40 or so unique designs spread across all manner of clothing types such as tshirts, hoddies, muscle shirts etc. A great little shop for psytrance fans. They have stores ( USA and Germany ) and ship to different countries depending on the store so be sure to check out both stores to see which is suitable for you.


Psychedelic Garden

Style : Psytrance, Tribal

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Japan
This shop is a portal for a number of labels from Japan and abroad to sell their gear to the Japanese market. There is a huge range of psychedelic tshirt, hoodies, hats, jackets,skirts, shoes and psychedelic jewelery and accessories on offer but only in Japanese language. It’s a good one to try out your language skills and maybe pick up that unique trippy hoodie that nobody in your town ( or country ) has. They do have an English site but for some reason it has way less clothing than the Japanese shop. The shop provides goods from some of the leading psywear designers such as Space Tribe,Public Beta and Chillout Planet as well as Japanese designers like Grateful Tie Die Factory. Pure, unadulterated psytrance wear.



Style : Psytrance, Surreal, Club, Urban

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Israel
Plazmalab are best known for their range of psychedelic tshirts which fit nicely into the psytrance and techno music scene. They even have a few TIP records tshirts available and a collaboration series done with Infected Mushroom. I did a quick scan of the over 400 mens tshirts on offer and I didn’t see anything I though was cheesy or poorly designed. They know tshirts ! 170 plus hoodie and jacket designs too ! Mind you I think their pants are a bit naff – they could do with getting some knew brands in that side of the store. Womens clothing is also a little spare but still some really nice designs on offer. Anyway it’s all about tshirts really and this is one of the better tshirt places you’ll come across.



Style : Tribal, Festival, Psytrance, Bohemian
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Australia
Located in Western Australia, Omkara is a kind of psychedelic and tribal fashion portal in the sense that they buy wholesale from other producers such as Izwoz, Space Tribe, Free Spirit, Timaj Design and more. They also have some cool Yantaras banners and pillow covers on offer.



Style : Tribal, Festival, Psytrance, Bohemian

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Finland
Omeebashop has been in operation since 2005 and deals in tribal wear with a subdued palette of earth tones. Their clothing range includes free flowing, comfortable attire that is suitable for festivals and outdoor parties. Long flowing multi layered dresses and wide baba, fisherman pants style trousers are on offer in the large selection of womens clothing along with leggings, cotton vests and a ranged of themed wear. The mens side is a little lacking in range but quality apparel non the less.


Nomad wear

Style : Psytrance, Visonary

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : France, Brasil
Nomad wear has long been on my radar as I’m a big fan of some the psychedelic visionary artists that supply designs for their clothing such as Android Jones, Luke Brown, Luminokaya, Mugwort and Justin Totemical. This is the site to go to for visionary art in clothing form. The website is straight forward – they have mens tshirts and womens tshirt in just black mostly. I guess black is probably the best color to highlight the incredibly detailed digital artwork. A number of the artists also sell the designs on canvas prints so if you are an art collector this is a good site to check out too. If you are looking for a psychedelic clothing store with the latest artwork available this is the one.



Style : Psytrance, Festival

Range : Mens, Womens, Kids
Location : Israel / Austria
Naspex produces a range of wildly psychedelic clothing printed with fractals, icons and trippy motifs. They only do tops however and the designs for both men, women, and kids are pretty much the same. Some of their designs are awesome – such as the micromacro cosmos, sternen staub, mind evolution and space dice creations. So if you like your trippy wear with a lysergic tinge to it then maybe these are your guys


Luna Design

Style : Psytrance, Tribal, Festival

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Israel / Spain

Luna design is the brainchild of husband and wife team Dea Dysling and Nir Ben Yacoov. Their clothes are based on earthy colors and make use of quality fabrics with fine attention to construction.



Style : Psytrance, Tribal, Festival

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Australia
Izwoz is a collective of Australian artists centered around the Northern New South Wales region who collaborate on design and handmade clothing production. Hoodies, vests, boleros, skirts, gloves and legwarmers are made from 100% cotton New Zealand brushed fleece. Designs are completely original and unique and they also produce a range of one off items which are much sought after. As is the case with many companies that provide clothing for the psytrance and festival community, Izwoz also has a range of large banners and wall hangings you can buy in premade or customized sizes. Their designs are unlike any other company out their so for something truly unique and amazing why not give them a visit. They also have an active facebook page where they upload photos of new designs sold through their Etsy store.


Imaginary Foundation

Style : Surreal, Imaginary

Range : Unisex
Location : USA
The Imaginary Foundation are a group of forward thinkers and futurists who have been around for decades trying to reduce the lag time between human imagination and actuating ideas into reality. Yes, okay, they do sound like a neo-cult but they also have an awesome range of tshirts and as far as I know have not been in contact with aliens. Their shirts combine images of surrealist and dadaist ideas from the middle of the last century with high end photoshop skulduggery of today to produce a look that is of the far off future.


6362 Metaforce

Style : Festival, Psytrance, Bohemian, Hippie

Range : Womens
Location : USA
Don’t let the name fool you. While 6362METAFORCE may well sound like a 1980s Japanese animation there is nothing cheesy here. Bohemian chic, leather, and tribal bags, hip bags, belts and accessories of the highest quality is what these guys are all about. A perfect way to complement any psychedelic outfit for your next festival outing.


Hippy Buddy

Style : Festival, Hippie

Range : Mens, Womens
Location : UK
Backpacks in patchwork or Aztec designs, tie-die tshirts and dresses, applique wear, rainbow stripes, pixie hoodies, Nepalese trousers and harem pants are just some of what to expect when you visit Hippyboho’s online store. This is somewhat of a hippie heaven providing not only the latest in hippie fashion and fair-trade clothing but also a selection of tribal musical instruments, furniture and camper-van accessories.



Style : Psytrance, Tribal, Festival
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : UK
Another UK based ( Camden Market ) company is Hexagon which has been in operation since 2000. Hexagon is an excellent choice for people looking for psytrance related clothing. They have a wonderful range of unique designs that they produce themselves as well supplying good from the like of Retox and trippy masters Space Tribe ( see later ). They also have about 50 of the best available UV wall hangings. Particularly popular are their range of “dwarf hoodies” for men and women which are all glow in the dark apparel. Very cool indeed.


Flower Of Life

Flower Of Life’s clothing is aimed firmly at the psytrance/goatrance market with a large of range of mens and womens shirts and pants emblazoned with psychedelic motifs and tribal patterns. They also have a good range of backdrops and prints which are useful for decorating parties and events. One of the craziest items in their catalog is their funky looking “Ninja Shoes” which look just incredible. I really love their sacred geometry style tshirts which display a range of complex yet balanced geometric patters printed in hypnotic colors.


Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss is based in Australia’s hippie heart of Byron Bay. They provide a high quality range of earthen toned tribal fashion that is perfect for outdoor psytrance and festival parties. The subdued colors in their clothing means that you could actually wear their designs anywhere you like I guess such as in the city while shopping, a day at beach, anywhere really. Their range of mens sleeveless tops are really cool and they are also one of the only shops I know of that supply a range of pregnancy wear for the scene.


In Visions

In Visions by Crystal Tara

Somewhat of a growing trend in psychedelic fashion over the past few years is the inclusion of the works of visionary artists in all manner of apparel. Crystal Tara supplies a range of psychedelic visionary artwork transferred to a wide selection of mens and womens clothing that is so eye catching people will want to know more about you. Tank tops, tie tops, jackets, skirts, pants and vests are all available with exotic dreamlike visionary images. I think their leather goods are really cool too and have a kind of psytrance meet Zeena warrior princess look about them that is both sexy and tuff – perfect for kicking up dust. Artists whose works are reproduced in CT clothing include Alex Grey, Brian Froud, Jody Bergsma, Luke Brown, Robert Venosa and more.



Style : Psytrance, Cyber, Fetish, Techno, Futurism
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : USA

Delve into the darkside of the scene with the latest in futuristic leather, latex, PVC creations via Cryoflesh and their range of superb atomic cyberpunk like creations. While black is their main palette of choice they also have a range of fluro fluffy bits for girls that might appeal to club goers and glowstick twisters. While all that leather and rubber might be a bit too sweaty for the outdoor summer festival dance floors it would go down nicely at an indoor party. This is sexy stuff. Dare to be a little different.



Style : Hippie, Psytrance, Rave, Stoner, Rock
Range : Mens, Womens
Location : Israel
Bolinat is essentially a head shop with all the paraphenaia one would expect from such a store plus a good range of psychedelic clothing suitable for trance parties and music festivals. Fractals, mushrooms, butterflies and Bob Marley are some common motifs in their range of tshirts and pixie hoodies. They also have a wicked Salvadore Dali tshirt that I think I’ll have to order some time and a good selection of PlazmaLab’s hoodies and jackets too. The ZAND Amsterdam range of women’s wrap skirts look pretty awesome too.



Cyberdog’s clothing range is famous throughout the known universe (and pretty popular in the unknown universe as well).
Chi Chi The Space Chihuahua invented the brand when he crash landed on Earth at the end of the 20th century and noticed the available clothing was too boring – the people of Earth surely deserved something more exciting!
The result was a mash up of techno funky colours and cutting edge future shock which inspired a generation of clubbers and space cadets alike! Cyberdog has since morphed into a brand with a more accessible urban underground vibe, which can only be expected from a company with its roots now firmly established in London’s Coolest hot spot, Camden Town.

The Cyberdog flagship (or Mothership) store is a throbbing mass of style and humanity merged together to create a unique shopping experience.

Ask any cool kid from anywhere in the galaxy and they will point you in the direction of the nearest Cyberdog Earth Station – either Camden, Brighton, Manchester or Ibiza! Cyberdog was a brand invented with the internet in mind, and its online presence is as cutting edge as its stores.

Our over 18s brand, Futurelovers, launched in 2012, selling sex toys and fetishwear.

Cyberdog never compromises, never follows the trends, always delivers amazing design, with value for money and out of this world service!

To conquer the universe and boldly go where no other brand has gone before.

The future is here… enjoy!



Clothing of heirloom quality designed to outlast you. Styled western, Japanese, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Desert Punk, and more.
Ayyawear has always been a company committed to long lasting quality clothing. Purchased in 2013 by Allister Greenbrier and Naughty Bunny. We are comitted to the same legendary quality, now with awesome customer service. (540) 850.7227

Ayyawear – Clothing made to outlast you.


Fraggle Tribe

We are a little family design label from Austria creating very unique high quality handmade accessories and clothing.

In our little shop you can find all of our life creations. We have a designs fromTribal Streetwear, Goa Clothing, Steampunk Fashion, Elven Wear and Blacklight Deco. Please always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We thank you for your visit and support and we thank all of our fantastic friends for their big big help over all these years :)

Lots of Love, Fraggletribe



The unique designs of symbolika are inspired by a fusion of concepts derived from ancient eastern and indian philosophy, shamanism, kabbalah and the hindu mythology, alongside figures and elements from sacred geometry, modern science and visionary art. All of those diverse and sometimes even conflicting worlds, combined with original symbolism, are balanced and enriched into unified and constantly evolving psychedelic graphic designs.

this is only the tip of the iceberg; to understand and experience symbolika in more profound way check out the designs page which includes various designs and compositions with additional information about the symbols, the art, its origins and the stories of its creation.

all the designs are made in trance, with fractal complexity, starting off with manual sketching, slowly detailing until achieving its final form. the designs are printed in the highest quality with silk screens and glow in the the dark ink.


Space Tribe

Official website of the world-renowned psytrance DJ & music producer Olli Wisdom, (Space Tribe Music & ESP) & Space Tribe Clothing.

On our webshop you can find high quality items to wobble your eyeballs & enhance your lifestyle !

Space Tribe morphed into existance on the paradise beaches in Goa, India in the early 90′s. There we were, enjoying the parties & high on life, but not happy with the clothing that was generally available… Normal is Boring !

Our journies led us to beautiful Bali, one of the planet’s creative hotspots, where we started experimenting ! And thus, the Tribe was born . . . . Created in Chaos !

The range of Space Tribe goodies has grown to include a wide selection of clothing and accessories, from the full colour UV collection through to our range of ‘mandala’ prints on black jackets ‘n’ T’s & a wide assortment of innovative pants.
Then there’s the stuff we make just for the fun of getting it out there, & making the world a brighter place to be.


Ajna Design

Ajna clothing is specially designed with awareness to give you a different sense of self. The natural feel of cotton materials in earthy colors promotes a gentle feeling of comfort ability and shape.
For Ajna, quality is a key word as the controlled production is free of harmful chemicals and underpaid labor.


Public Beta Wear

New psy-clothing brand: t-shirts, long sleeve etc.
Impressive design, large screen print, high quality material.
Worldwide shipping!



Our Mission is Two-Fold…

1) Push the limits of clothing design

Clothing so loud/beautiful/obnoxious/vibrant/insane that people won’t be able to help but stare in awe… or disgust. Clothing that appeal to the human sense of wonder.

2) Support the artists

Each of these beautiful designs was created by an independent artist. We provide an avenue for them to share their art, get their name out, and make money while doing so (20% of each sale).


Gekko London

If you fancy stepping into this dream, visit our website & leaf through the pages of our catalogue to explore our collection psy-trance pieces, festival and party-wear, hippy, harem, genie, boho-chic clothing and give us a call or drop us a line….



A Drugstore.hu a dél-amerikai növényi termékek specialistája.

Uruguayi anyacégünk autentikus forrásból biztosítja folyamatosan a legkiválóbb minőségű, ritka, sokszor nehezen beszerezhető gyógynövény, superfood, fűszer, tea árufélék széles választékát, akár kereskedelmi mennyiségekben is.

Webshopunkban termékeink általában raktárunkból, azonnal megvásárolhatóak a feltüntetett mennyiségekben, de esetenként akár egyedi kiszerelésekben is. Termékpalettánk széles, de rövid határidővel akár a terméklistánkon nem szereplő árukra vonatkozó egyedi igényeket is teljesíteni tudunk.