PsyClean Crew

Cleaning at goatrance/psytrance/ambient festivals
Our mission is to rid this world (starting with psytrance festivals and their venues) from garbage that is already lying around, manage garbage that is yet to be thrown away and finding new ways on how to recycle or best: produce as little garbage as possible!

We are OૐV Productions, the Psyclean Crew! Our mission is to keep goa/psytrance/ambient festivals free from garbage.

We have started our initiative in September 2012 after having observed for many years, that even though the Psytrance Community claims to be on the way towards enlightenment and roams the realms of higher consciousness, littering on festivals is still a common issue. We find this unacceptable and intend to devote a major part of our lives to put an end to this!

We are sure that many of us who have attend a psytrance festival had at least once this grim experience: the first rays of light chase the night away, people anxiously look to the horizon, waiting for the sun to bring warmth and joy, a new day… This is a wonderful time at a festival! Faces and surroundings are slowly becoming visible again, bringing a natural calmness for everyone. And then, as we look around to see the beautiful nature – that wonderful place, which organizers are always trying to find to ensure the most intense psychedelic experience – to intensify our Oneness with the Earth and the Sky, the sight of litter all around us suddenly drags us back into reality. People often don’t even realize, that in this moment the psychedelic link between them and Mother Nature is severed. We can only be in one place at a certain time and that goes for our mind as well (not entirely true, but in this sense quite so)! If we – only for a nano second – acknowledged the fact, that there is garbage around us, we will have a moment of discomfort. This discomfort has its origins in our physical reality and will therefore force us to connect with this physical reality for a moment to process the information. Wuups, there you go! “Good feelings gone…”.

We are not saying, that one beer can thrown away could destroy a festival for some people, but then again… there are certain mind expending procedures during which even that could be fatal to the experience.

And this is just one side of the coin. According to our understanding regarding the balance of the Earth the importance of the psychedelic comfort of people is always superseded by the preservation of our only home. Now this does sound a little tricky, I know, as one could ask: “Then why allow people to make a party in Nature in the first place?”
Answer: “Because everything we do should be done in Nature! The problem is not with being there – on the contrary – but in harming it with our presence.”

The western world is more and more trying to separate itself from nature. We believe that this is wrong and that as many activities as possible should be pursued in a natural environment. Doing so however does require a certain sense of care which people from the city have often forgotten. “I’ll just clean it up later” or “Someone else will clean up after me, the government is paying many people to do that” are phrases which might have relevance in the city, but not in the forest, in the mountains or at a lake.

And that’s where we come in! :-) Our goal is to keep nature clean, raise awareness and educate people as much as we can, while still keeping in mind that a psychedelic experience must not always be bothered with the flaws of our education toward tidiness . In this sense we will mostly remain in the background while collecting garbage, not giving people blaming looks or terrorize them with this issue and will on the other hand always be open for a good talk about the necessity of a clean and litter-free environment. This way everybody can enjoy a good party, while learning some important things when they are in the mood and the venue is kept clean at the same time.

Everybody and EVERYTHING wins and while the visitors depart in happiness, the hosting nature remains in happiness as well, looking forward for the next visit of those crazy, but kind humans (and elves, and dwarfs, and sorcerers, etc.) who have not only taken good care of her, but brought all that fantastic energy with them and invited her to celebrate life… together.