The Chromatic

While fooling around with beats and learning the basics of computerized music, Corun and Aztek created CHROMATIC, in 2003. Nevertheless, year 2007, should be remembered as the time of the beginning, when Cifra started cooperating with Aztek, adding one or two Chromatic tracks to his dj set. Since introducing their live act in 2010, Aztek and Cifra had Chromatic evolve into an original mixture of trance, techno, and house music, also including horroristic and psychedelic elements. Being permanently inactive, Corun is, however, still an acknowledged member of Chromatic, developing vocals and guitar loops for open air shows.

Aztek: Born in 1986, Budapest, Aztek spent most of his childhood in a recording studio, getting familiar with the know-how of mixing and mastering. Although his notable musical career had not started until the age of 15, by which time, Aztek had finished his very own first track. Turning 19, he joined Cifra in a group called Nino Team as a DJ. This experience, and getting a studio job a year later, held a lot of different possibilities for improvement. Having to work with a great variety of music, helped Aztek to create and bring success to his own music project (of which he is the main composer and programmer today).

Cifra:Born in 1982, Budapest, Cifra grew up to take a different approach to music. As a heavy listener, his enthusiastic plan to become a DJ, had soon come true by the time he reached 22. Leaving his former group, him and Aztek finally met at Nino Team which resulted in reinventing the sound of CHROMATIC! (Also remaining an active DJ, Cifra is now the main performer and manager of the team. His ideas and inspiration contribute greatly to the originality of CHROMATIC.)

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