Neighbour aka Ákos Németh was born in Dunaújváros, Hungary in 1986.
He’s been into music since 1998, making his first dj set in primary school. Initially he was mostly into house, techno and trance. He discovered the GOA world in 2000, started to buy his first vinyl records and CDs, slowly turning to psytrance.

He started to organize parties with friends around Dunaföldvár during high school, but these were much more about trance, techno and minimal style, as at that time the psychedelic music scene was less well known there.
In 2005, after finishing high school, he moved to Budapest, where he met Dj Jirzij, (one of the first hungarian goa djs and party promoters) and by a strange coincidence they became neighbours (so this is where the name comes from). Living in the capital city, he fell in love with quicker, darker melodies, and started to play darkpsy. Here he made his first performance in Kashmir Underground in 2006, and then became the regular warm-up dj of new year’s eve parties.
He made his first track in 2008 with the title Crystal. Since then he’s always working hard on new tunes.