Green Cosmos

The Green Cosmos Project is Bálint Nándor from Hungary born in 1985. He started makeing psytrance music in 2004 under the artist name Green Cosmos, and became active at the atart of 2006. The project quicly rised up to the top artist and dj’s in his home country, pleaseing the audiences anywhere he appeared, Green Cosmos quiclky got well known for its quality music combined with great shows on the stage. Over the past years Arius have appeared on the bigest events in the hungarian scene eith both live performances and dj sets, all with huge success, and played along with top artists like: Ananda Shake, System Nipel, Cosmic Tone, Electric Universe, Cosmosis, Vaishiyas, Oforia, Atma, Ticon, U-Recken, Aerospace, Sirius Isness, Psysex, Goasia just to name a few. Now days he is trying to innovate and reach heights never before with his music in upcoming releases, remixes you can expect a 100% melodic dance music, that is sure to rock the dance floors anywhere. Keep your ears wide, its gonna blow your mind!