He is a 2nd generation psytrance dj in the hungarian lands, his electronic musical interests going back to the middle of 90′s when he started to collecting original vinyl releases, famous records like: TIP, koyote, Twisted, Eticanet, Krembo, Spirit Zone, etc…
His adventures started soon after this period, leading him to numerous festival and bigger venues across the European fields, perfoming at a lot of mid-sized psytrance events.
Nowdays he is actively planning the future with his partnesr from all around the globe. He has also upgraded his family to another leve with the arrival of a new life. Hi cooperation with greeks and especially MARIO darkshire has already resulted in a release (FTO001) and FTO002 is soon to follow, while he’s also working on a central Europe based agency called the Future tribe Bookings.

Demos of Dolphin :
Djdolphin – Dolphin-pulsar-mix