In the millennium I was 16 years old when I got closer friendship with the DJ mixer by coincidence. Music had always interested me, but after – thanks to a friend – I’ve got the opportunity to taste the flavor of mixing music I’ve immediately got addicted to it. These times I had mainly played trance music until a friend gave me a goa trance CD. My first open air goa party was in Halásztelek in May 2001. That was the day this world completely grabbed my soul. Seeking my way through the first years in the scene between goa trance, Swedish progressive sound and fullon finally I found the style that suits me the best, the pumping progressive which still plays the main role in my DJ sets.
When and where have you got in touch with the goa style and what does it mean for you:
The first time I’ve heard goa music was in 2000, but I attend to parties since 2001. The music played on parties nowadays is hardly related to the music was called goa trance. There are still some artists who are trying to keep the old sound alive, but in my opinion the feeling of the parties, the spirit of the crowd is what makes this subculture still existent. For me music and the parties is a hiding place where I can get filled up with energy for the weekdays.